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Jennifer Wheeler for Mayor of Huntington, West Virginia

Jennifer Wheeler Running for Mayor

A Message From Jennifer Wheeler

Thank you for visiting this page to learn about who I am and for what I stand!

My love for Huntington makes the fight for our neighborhoods very personal.My devotion to them and to public service has led me to volunteer for many organizations and to represent Huntington’s citizens on City Council.

As the most qualified candidate to be mayor, I have outlined a plan for improvement and provide actual solutions. It begins with Walkable Illuminated Neighborhoods (WIN). 

My plan focuses on safety and livability through paving, lighting, demolishing dilapidated structures, and expanding programs like SHINE that help homeowners make improvements to their properties. We will invest in targeted development in our community by creating small business incubators in pocket neighborhoods, adding corner stores, coffee shops, and improving the quality of life in those now safer Walkable Illuminated Neighborhoods. 

When the neighborhoods are full of commerce and people with good intentions, those with bad intentions go elsewhere. 

This is our town, and we are all stakeholders. TOGETHER WE WIN.

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A Winning Vision

With Wheeler We WIN:
Walkable llluminated Neighborhoods

It’s as easy as ABC:
Accountability Begins With City Hall

We must act now:
Addressing Homelessness and Substance Use Disorder

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