A Winning Vision

With Wheeler We WIN:
Walkable llluminated Neighborhoods

Improve Sidewalks

With Wheeler we will improve sidewalks by expanding existing paving efforts and seeking grant funding through WVDOT programs such as Transportation Alternatives which includes pedestrian pathways. In doing so, we will repair poorly maintained infrastructure and in places they are needed but do not exist, we will add sidewalks.

Increase Lighting

With Wheeler we will increase lighting by adding pole lights where there are not enough, as well as, replace existing high pressure sodium bulbs for brighter and more energy efficient LED fixtures. Studies show that increasing lighting decreases crime.

Focus on Public Safety

With Wheeler we will focus on public safety and increase our police presence in the neighborhoods by opening outposts in locations such as within community centers and by utilizing Huntington Land Reuse Agency (LandBank) properties where law enforcement will be accessible and integrated with residents. This measure will also lead to a reduction in crime and ultimately that will make recruiting easier and enable us to better become fully staffed.

Eliminate Slum and Blight

With Wheeler we will eliminate slum and blight by aggressively demolishing dilapidated properties and taking legal action such as placing and assigning liens and other measures directed at derelict owners, particularly out of state profiteers. Keeping our neighborhoods free from abandoned buildings will help prevent trespassing and thus improve safety.

Enhance Housing Stock

With Wheeler we will enhance Huntington’s housing stock by nourishing and expanding revitalization programs like Project SHINE and HOME to render assistance to our low-to-moderate income (LMI) seniors, veterans, and disabled. This will help preserve neighborhoods and stop the deterioration of properties BEFORE they need to be torn down.

It’s as easy as ABC:
Accountability Begins With City Hall

Increase Efficiency

With Wheeler we will increase efficiency and avoid redundancy by evaluating job duties within our municipal government. It is imperative that we are good stewards of your tax dollars and that means making sure that the work being done accomplishes the objectives of an effective operation with the ability to provide excellent city services, maintain roads and systems, and to ensure that our personnel have all the resources and professional support necessary. We will offer any needed trainings, liaise with other entities, and community partners to arm your city employees with all the tools to be successful.

Streamline Processes

With Wheeler we will streamline our processes by eliminating unnecessary fees and regulations when applicable. We will investigate our bid process, our charter, and other policies to ensure we are equitable and transparent in our operations. All of this will help to make it easier for those who wish to do business in the city. Doing so will effectively increase the number of people who do want to build and create here. With expanded development we will experience an influx of jobs and residents and an elevated quality of life.

Enforce What's Already On the Books

With Wheeler we will enforce what’s already on the books by demanding accountability. We will impose stronger penalties for those who are not in compliance with the ordinances that have been created to achieve our goals. And if there aren’t ordinances that accomplish what we intend to do then we need some new books! We will legislate additional priorities that we’ve identified for a bright future.

Focus on Business Advocacy

With Wheeler we will focus on business advocacy by providing outreach to the business community and asking owners and their staff, “What can THE CITY do to help YOU be more successful?” Accountability Begins With City Hall, however, this work will happen on the streets and at your door.

Encourage Targeted Development

With Wheeler we will encourage targeted development by rezoning areas to accommodate the kinds of businesses or housing type that a particular neighborhood or district needs. In doing so, we will create a community with the amenities we want. One specific area on which to focus is near the edge of the campus. Currently, nearly all of the parcels from Hal Greer to 20th Streets between 6th and 7th Avenues are zoned residential. This reduces the value of these sites to developers and allows dilapidated structures to remain in place as they have little value beyond their current land use. After rezoning, these will become Neighborhood Commercial (C1) which will encourage the sale and razing of these properties, making way for the construction of new mixed use facilities. Picture a café, an ice cream shop, or record store with living units above. This will TRANSFORM the neighborhood and the university. It will  feel more like a college campus- similar to Ohio State- or other such institutions. A healthy Huntington means a healthy Marshall and that requires increased, stable enrollment. We must provide students with safe Walkable Illuminated Neighborhoods, too. That means cleaning up the streets. In ridding this section of slum and blight, and fostering a feeling of lively interaction and commerce, we will appeal widely to students, parents, and potential faculty/staff. In doing so, we meet multiple objectives. 

We must act now:
Addressing Homelessness and Substance Use Disorder

Address the Effects of Homelessness

With Wheeler we will address the effects that homelessness and substance abuse are wreaking on our community by enacting an aggressive and modern plan to tackle this modern problem.  Across the nation and globally, cities near and abroad are dealing with the complex problem and crippling ramifications of the rise in number of persons experiencing homelessness and substance use disorders.

Emulate Successful Programs

With Wheeler we will emulate programs and policies that have been successful in other cities by working with other municipalities to mirror their successes. WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO REINVENT THE WHEEL. WE MUST ACT NOW. While it is incumbent upon us as a society that we have compassion and provide care this cannot come at the injury of residents and businesses.

Provide Safe Shelter

With Wheeler we will clean up the streets by providing safe shelter. ALL people should have access to basic needs and safe shelter. They also have a responsibility to use it when it is provided. People who are suffering from serious mental illness and addiction belong in treatment centers, not on our streets and in our parks. The care of our most vulnerable should not interfere with commerce or the property rights of others. We can and will serve both populations.

Job Training

With Wheeler we will dedicate resources to support programs such as job training to lift up those who have been struggling by partnering with civic and social organizations that serve the community.  We can compassionately assist people to return to productivity and reclaim dignity. Find the study below that references “Rat Park” based on a series of experiments by Bruce Aleksander that determined creating a sense of community is the obstacle of addiction.

Litigate and Regulate

With Wheeler we will litigate and regulate and put an end to the import of other cities’ sickest residents by seeking legal action and support from the courts and legislators to stop the profiteering from some who have preyed upon the very people who need the most help. All business operators MUST respect and obey the ordinances, governance, and sanctity of the neighborhoods in which they exist.

Work with Local Business

With Wheeler we will recreate a healthier downtown by working with businesses that have been negatively impacted by the perception that our downtown is not safe. We will focus on zoning as mentioned in an earlier section and create opportunities for growth and to promote tourism through new attractions and events.